The Dutch Tulip Fields

It’s time to look at another Insta Icon! This week, we’re talking about those vibrant tulip fields in the Netherlands.

This feature is part of our weekly #Instaicons series, where we take a look at the pictures and places that have risen to fame through the ‘gram. Part celebration of photography, part unadulterated #EarthPorn, it’s the ultimate way to break up your week – consider it today’s mental mini-vacay. You’re welcome.

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This week, we’re bringing you the technicolor flower fields in the Netherlands that – just like clockwork – begin making their annual appearance on our screens each March.

The tulip fields have played a major role in Holland’s colourful history for hundreds of years – we’re talking 16th century stuff! Wowza. However, they’ve only recently found their footing as one of the biggest tourism drawcards to the region. Tourists and locals alike, flock to the fields, conveniently located just outside of Amsterdam, to witness the phenomenal sea of righteous colour that blossoms in to full effect for no more than 2 months every Spring. The heavy increase in attention from travellers is all thanks to – you guessed it – the ‘gram.

Some of the biggest names in the travel industry, like @elsaswholesomelife, have made their own pilgrimage to the fields in recent years. The result – seriously stunning, Spring images that made us want to pack up our bags and head straight to the Netherlands. We’re assuming we weren’t the only ones, right? The images of endless rows of perfectly aligned tulips are beautiful from any direction but as you can see from our shots – there’s a certain style of image that people like to create. Oh and whimsical, flowy outfits are a must, obviously.


Do you know what? We’re not mad about the annual tulip frenzy, we’re looking forward to March 2020 – bring on that colour! We can’t wait for the tulips to take over our feed once again!


Instagram images by: @julija_makani, @kreshabajaj, @elsas_wholesomelife, @harimaolee, @like.lexy, @thesundaychapter, @thetravelbugo, @tori.smi, @whoisthatblonde

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