The Travel Bootcamp’s Guide to Social Media Sizing

because, who understands pixels anyway?

When it comes to managing your own social media you learn pretty quickly that it isn’t all cute captions and pretty photos – a fab looking grid/page/channel is hard to create and maintain, and pixels have a lot to do with it. Each social media platform has different requirements for image and video (which makes it tricky to navigate). 


So, we have compiled the definitive list of social media sizes to make it easier for you. 


P.S. We suggest you start using a platform like Canva, where you can create these custom dimensions and input your media, to seamlessly implement the sizes we have listed b




When it comes to your Insta’ grid, you have a few sizing options. These are Square, Horizontal and Vertical. 


From the very beginning IG has had the square sizing option – initially this was the only size they offered at all. We still use this size @thetravelbootcamp for our quote tiles. 

Eventually, Instagram decided to give people a few options and in came the Vertical and Horizontal sizing options. Horizontal works great for landscapes and panoramas…

…but our favorite, and the size we use most often, is the Vertical with a 4:5 aspect ratio. We opt for this size at The Travel Bootcamp because it offers a more aesthetically pleasing image when viewed in a scrolling feed. 

Square size from The Travel Bootcamp Insta’

4:5 Vertical Image from Travel Bootcamp Insta’ 📷 Lauren Bath


It is important to remember that the size you choose doesn’t actually impact your grid. Regardless of the size, your grid will always display the little squares we’ve come to know and love. These sizing options impact the scrolling feature on your profile, and how your image shows up in the feed and explore pages.

IGTV & Stories


When creating IGTV videos and Instagram Stories, there is another size option involved. This one is longer vertically, and fills the whole of a smartphone screen. This is a nifty design choice, to make it seem as though you are directly interacting with the content. 

These dimensions can be input into editing software to ensure that your next IGTV or Insta’ Story look as aesthetically pleasing as poss’.


Youtube has a few visual elements that require specific image sizing, and as a visual platform it is really important that users get these measurements right. 


Channel Icon


Channel Icons usually show up in a circle, with either a logo or headshot and require 800 X 800 pixels. 


Channel Art


Channel Art is the visual representation of what you share on Youtube, and should alert your audience to your niche. This piece spans the top of your channel, with the video thumbnails collected in a gallery below. 




Video Thumbnails usually show up as small images, but when they are embedded into other sources these thumbnails need to be high enough resolution to increase in size. This is why the thumbnail pixel requirements for Youtube are so high. 




When it comes to video, however, Youtube requires only a 16:9 Aspect Ratio, with a range of sizing options. The minimum dimensions being 426 – 240 pixels, and the maximum being 3840 – 2160 pixels. If a video doesn’t fit in a 16:9 ratio, Youtube automatically inserts boxes above and below to fill out the screen. 


Profile Photo

The profile photo, or Display Picture, is the first thing that your pals and clients see when they look at you or your business’ page. The requirement is 180 X 180 pixels for higher resolution, but the display is usually much smaller.


Cover Photo

The cover photo is a little more lenient for content and much larger than the Profile Pic’. It is displayed as a banner at the top of your page.


Shared Images

Shared images are just the pics’ you share on facebook, but be warned, if you don’t upload an image at the recommended pixels, Facebook will stretch your image to fit, which can severely implicate the resolution of your photograph. 


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are almost the same pixels, but it’s a lot more important you get the sizing right when you’re promoting yourself and your business.

There you have it! 

The Bootcamp guide to social media image sizing, to optimise your images and engagement on social media. 

Save this post and refer to it as you need. Thank us later x.