Insta Icons: The Highland Cows, Scotland

It’s time to look at this week’s Insta Icon(s)! Today, we’re talking about the Highland Cows in Scotland.

This feature is part of our weekly #Instaicons series, where we take a look at the pictures and places that have risen to fame through the ‘gram. Part celebration of photography, part unadulterated #EarthPorn, it’s the ultimate way to break up your week – consider it today’s mental mini-vacay. You’re welcome.

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This week, we’re doing things a little differently – but don’t worry, we know you’ll like. We’re bringing you the Scottish Highland’s – arguably most-famous residents – the Highland cows (AKA coos).


We usually look at destinations made famous by the ‘gram but we couldn’t resist making our first edition of animals who’ve found Insta fame.

Is it any surprise that they’ve become the hairy celebrities of the highlands? LOOK AT THAT FRINGE. Our first question; what is their secret to those luscious locks?


More importantly, apart from their stunning blonde coat, how did they make our list of Insta Icons? The Highland cows have been well-known for a number of years, they’re a part of Scotland’s charm. But, they’ve gained more fame than many traditional tourist icons across social media lately. What can we say, they’re just SO Instagrammable – that sass! Seriously.


One clever farmer has even decided to start his own Instagram fanbase for his beloved ‘coos.’ With his farm located on one of the main roads leading to the Isle of Skye, tourists often pull up, and even line up, on the side of the highway just to snap a picture of his beautiful bovines.


And so – like any clever farmer would – Hector started a hashtag #HectorsHighlandCoos. Good one, Hector – why miss an opportunity to share your beaut furry friends with the world.


This week’s #TravelTuesday once again highlights the power that this platform has over our travel behaviours – anyone who’s been to the Isle of Skye knows that one of the most important stops along the way is to meet the Highland cows; a few of Scotland’s most-loved Insta-babes.


It’s quite obvious that they know they’re cute and they clearly know how to work the camera but we wonder… do they know they’re Insta-famous?


Instagram image credits: @borsphotography, @discoverjonnolife, @jlocke.ness, @katherine_fotheringham, @lonelyplanet, @marcorustioni, @stephyglee, @scotlandtraveloholic

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