The 4 steps to mastering Instagram Guides

We dive into the deep end with Instagram’s newest brain-child…

Meet Instagram Guides


He’s the new kid in town. He’s cool, he knows his way around and has stellar advice. If you’re a content creator (or want to be) you need to get acquainted – quick smart.

Guides is Insta’s newest feature, that allows user-friendly, scrollable content for sharing tips and advice on places and products, as well as saved or personally curated posts. Pretty cool, huh?

Initially, Guides was created for selected wellness accounts on Insta’ to share tips for maintaining physical and mental health during the pandemic – now, it’s been rolled out to everyone. You can find, and meet, him via the Guides tab on an Insta’ profile page. 


If you don’t have access yet, fear not, it’s on its way.

Why we love Guides


If you are a travel writer, content creator, photographer, designer or anything in the middle, then Guides comes filled-to-the-brim with possibilities for you. 


Firstly, we love it for the ability to reuse your own content. As you know, creating content takes a tonne of effort in the planning, production and editing stages – so, how cool is it that you can now consolidate your own posts to bring another stream of content that adds value for your followers. Boo ya! 


If you’re at the influencer stage, Guides also adds another deliverable for your clients. This means that when you partner with that cool brand you’ve always dreamt of working with, you can now offer a guide to promote their product/service/place. This works particularly well for those of you in the travel sphere (we need some wins, this year has been hard!) – when partnering with tourism boards and brands you can now create guides for places to create mini-blogs on your own Instagram page. 


Having Guides will also be a great addition for creating authority as a travel writer/blogger/photographer – so we suggest you get to know this new feature. 

As promised:

Four steps to using Guides 


Step 1: PLAN


To create your own guide, you firstly need to think of what content you want to share. Make sure it will be helpful, entertaining or educational for your followers – you need to consider this for all of your posts. As we always say:


Fail to plan… plan to fail.


If you are a travel writer, consider sharing a guide to the best bars in your home-town or if you’re a photography whiz (like Lauren Bath) you could consolidate your photography tutorials in this new tab.



The next step is to actually *do it*. 


To add your first guide you go to the + button and then select Guides. 


You then need to select whether you want to create a guide on a product, place or your own posts. With Places and Products, you are then redirected to a search bar where you select where/what you want to create a guide on. You then have the option to outsource images from other users who have tagged the location you are writing about, or the brand that you are reviewing. 


With your own posts, you can also create guides on places and products, but you will need to have already created a post on your feed about it. 


Select your chosen images and click on ‘Next’. 



With the images selected, you will now be taken to the copy page. You can change the display image and order of the images here. 


Once you have this sorted, you can commence writing. We suggest you keep the main heading short, as it will only display a certain amount of words. Pick something catchy like: The Best Secret Bars in Sydney or Lauren Baths Top Photography Tips.


The sub headings should be the same, and should allude to the copy within them – e.g. Knock Three Times (for the Door Knock Bar on Pitt Street) or Shoot at Sunrise (for Lauren’s first photography tip). 


The copy is intended to be a paragraph that adds value to the image (remember, the viewer will still be able to press on the post and be taken to the original caption). 


As always, make sure you proof-read your work before you publish. 



You can then preview your Guide to see it as your followers will! Use this step to check that everything flows well before you publish. 


Then, you have nothing left to do but publish it and go back to the drawing board to think of ideas for another Guide.

Now you’ve been introduced, we suggest you go and take Guides out for a spin. 


Go forth and explore all that Guides has to offer.


This feature is so new, we are sure the full benefits won’t be felt for a while, but oh boy are we excited to watch how it changes the game.

Let us know how you go!

Till next time

Team Bootcamp