The 4 reasons you definitely, positively, 100% need to be using hashtags on Instagram

…like, right now.

So, you’ve been using Instagram to build your personal brand or business, and you’re starting to see some stagnation in growth and engagement. 


Are you using hashtags? 


If the answer is NO, then you need to read on… 


(If you’re using #’s but still not seeing growth then we suggest you look here or here instead!). 


If you haven’t been using hashtags to build your brand, then you are missing out on some prime real estate on Insta’ – so, we have compiled the definitive list of why you NEED to use hashtags and why you need to start NOW (you can thank us later). 

1. Hashtags are a must for categorisation


This might not mean much to you right now, but trust us, having your content categorised is a big deal.


With over 95 million images being uploaded to Instagram every single day, the platform needed a way to categorise this content – cue hashtags. Although Insta’ cannot be credited with the creation of #’s (we actually have Twitter to thank for the invention) they have certainly welcomed Hashtags with open arms. 


You could say that Instagram has made a road system, through their implementation of hashtags. This essentially means that they are offering you a means of being found by people on the ‘gram, and if you aren’t using them, then you’re missing out on some pretty helpful infrastructure. 



Whilst we wouldn’t suggest using hashtags this broad and popular (you won’t be seen in the masses, and could attract bots to your account) you can see what we mean by categorisation, right? If you’re into fashion, travel or sport you would look under specific hashtags – and this is what your (potential) followers will do too. 


Ultimately, though the use of hashtags, Instagram has made your content more accessible, which, in-turn, leads to better engagement and growth👇. 

2.  Hashtags increase visibility

(and that means more engagement! 🥳)


When it comes to Instagram, one of the most important things is being seen. It doesn’t matter if your image is the best on the platform, or whether your caption is brilliant and hilarious, if no-one is going to see it. 


This is where hashtags come in handy. 


Through the use of hashtags you increase your visibility – Insta’ shares your post under the hashtag banner, it pushes your post to people who have previously engaged with that hashtag and it allows people who follow that hashtag to find your work. When you’re using hashtags, a great way to measure their success is through the ‘Reach’ they give you. You can check this on via the ‘Insights’ section on a post. For example, this was the reach that we got from hashtags on a recent post. 


As a result of increased ‘Reach’ (i.e. visibility and accessibility), hashtags help to boost ENGAGEMENT on your posts – and this engagement is the real measure of success on Insta’.

As an added bonus, better engagement equals better chances of being favoured by the algorithm. So, you can say hello to that explore page! Boo ya! 


3. Hashtags increase profile growth 


Increasing followers on Instagram is always a huge goal for businesses and brands on the ‘gram – and for good reason. Having more followers increases your engagement, network and community on Instagram…


and Hashtags can help. 


By using hashtags that are relevant to your niche you can find the right kind of followers, that will lap up your content and stick around for more. Ultimately, hashtags connect users to the right kind of content for them – and that could be YOUR content, if you use #’s correctly (and often). 




To find out what hashtags your ideal followers are digging, head to a successful account in your niche and look up their most used hashtags. You might also take some time to find a few accounts that would be your ‘ideal follower’ (i.e they follow accounts you aspire to be like) and go to their followed hashtags. You can do this by clicking on their ‘Following’ tab and electing ‘Hashtags’.


These are great places to start when you are building a # bank. 

4. Hashtags strengthen brand image


Hashtags are essential for building the authenticity of your brand or business, it’s a fact. 


If you are marketing a service, an event or a product it is essential that you have a brand specific hashtag campaign. For example, hashtagging our events #Thetravelbootcamp2020, allows our participants to engage with our event (and also allows us to market it in a more sophisticated and manageable way). At the end of the event, all relevant posts (from both us and our participants) will live under that hashtag to serve as both a reminder of the epic event, and also as a reference for people wishing to attend future events. 


Hashtags also allow you to see what people are saying about, or how they are interacting with, your business (as long as their profile is public). So, it’s a win-win (and a must!). 


That’s it folks! 

Whether it’s for one, or for all, of the reasons listed above, we hope that you have a newly found inspiration to add hashtags to your list of Instagram need-to-do’s. 


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Thanks for stopping by! 

Team Bootcamp