Student Success: Sera J. Wright

“The Bootcamp was so good I’ve been three times!”

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WHO: Sera J. Wright, from Byron Bay and Tenterfield NSW.


AKA @SeraJWright 
and @photography_Byron_Bay


What was life like before The Bootcamp?

Before The Travel Bootcamp I was juggling a job in hospitality with my side hustle of photography and Instagram. I was working 40 hour weeks and then rushing home from work to head out and capture the sunset, because that’s my favourite time to shoot. Juggling full-time work and my photography was definitely a drain on my life. 


I have always known that I wanted to work for myself, with my photography, it was always my end goal, but I just didn’t know how to get there. 


That’s why I chose to attend The Travel Bootcamp, because I wanted to learn how to work for myself full-time, doing what I love.”

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What happened next?

I learnt so much at The Travel Bootcamp I chose to attend the next two and I am so glad I did. I learnt so much from the girls, and all the guest speakers. 


I am now working for myself, full-time as a Photographer and Influencer. I quit my job in hospitality and I no longer work for anybody else, it’s been amazing. 


Attending The Travel Bootcamp gave me the confidence and the steps that I needed to take to become my own boss.”

“The Bootcamp gave me the steps I needed to become my own boss.”

We heard you made some friends at Bootcamp… 

Yeah I did! 


Whilst I was at the second Bootcamp, I was introduced to Olympus and they really liked my work – enough that I am now sponsored by them!


I have all of their camera gear and I would never have had that opportunity without attending Bootcamp and creating relationships with the Bootcamp community.

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What were the greatest teachings you took from the event?

I learnt SO much at The Travel Bootcamps, hence why I keep coming back. 


One of the main things I took away from the events was Georgia’s teachings on pitching. Since implementing what I have learnt about pitching I have been better received by brands and boards and I have worked on over 70 tourism and brand campaigns. 


Another teaching, that was really important, was how to determine your own value. It’s hard to talk about money, or to judge what you’re worth, but The Travel Bootcamp taught me how to do that – and since attending I have seen more streams of money coming in than ever before. You really learn how to monetise better and in more ways. 

Since attending The Travel Bootcamp… I have worked on over 70 tourism and brand campaigns.

What would you say to anyone that’s considering attending The Travel Bootcamp?

As Lauren Bath would say: “Jump and the universe will catch you”. You just need to do it.

I would recommend The Travel Bootcamp to anyone. Even if you are already a professional, you can always learn more. I couldn’t recommend it enough, hence why I’ve been three times. The ticket pays for itself, what you learn there is so amazing. 

The Travel Bootcamp really was life changing in terms of my business, it really made me go:

“Nah I’ve got this, this is my passion, this is what I want to do and this is how I am going to make money from it”.

All images courtesy of Sera J. Wright.


You can follow her here and check out more of her work here. 

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