Student Success: Leanne Melody

“I was a make-up artist… now I get paid to TRAVEL THE WORLD”

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Meet Leanne Melody.

Leanne was a professional make up artist.

Now, she’s a full-time travel content creator.

Leanne attended The Travel Bootcamp in Sydney, 2018.

What was life like before?

“I always knew I wanted a career doing something creative.

“But somehow I ended up off-track, juggling part-time gigs with my real job working as a professional makeup artist.

“I was pretty unhappy with the way life was going. I wasn’t working for myself, I was juggling all these different jobs trying to make ends meet, and I felt like I was going in circles, chasing my tail and not really getting anywhere. If I’m honest, I was just trying to make enough money to travel – to get away from it all as often as I could!

“I felt like I had so much more to give – but I didn’t know much about the travel industry, and felt like I knew nothing about business.

What happened next?

“I went to The Travel Bootcamp feeling quite low in confidence.

“I felt unsure that I would actually be able to go after my dreams.

“The Travel Bootcamp helped harness my creative skills and talents and energies, and gave me a better idea of how I could turn that into a business model.

“It really acted as a catalyst for me to step into this field.

Considered attending The Travel Bootcamp?



“The Travel Bootcamp really acted as a catalyst for me to step into this field”

How does your life look now?

“Since The Travel Bootcamp, I have had a fair few opportunities. 

“I’ve gone to Vietnam and Thailand to create travel content, I’m in talks about a few exciting partnerships and as we speak, I’m preparing for an upcoming trip supported by Intrepid Travel!

“I have also officially been able to quit my job, to pursue travel content full time.

What would you say to anyone that’s hesitant about joining The Bootcamp?

“If you have a passion for sharing your stories and adventures, whether through writing or social or photography, or you want to create a stronger social travel presence, I highly recommend going to The Travel Bootcamp.

“I’m so excited to be pursuing something that I love wholeheartedly.”


All images are courtesy of Leanne Melody.

Follow her here, check out more of her work here.

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