Student Success: “I used to work in the not-for-profit sector”

Perthian Emma Pegrum was working in the not-for-profit sector with disadvantaged youths before she attended the Bootcamp. Now she’s a travel writer and photographer, working with media and travel brands. She shares her story here.

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WHO: Emma Pegrum, Perth

WHAT: Photographer and Writer

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What did life used to be like?

“I actually started out in professional communications in the not-for-profit space, a youth charity. It was an amazing experience, but I wanted to shift into something where I grow my skills as a writer and photographer, so eventually I resigned. It was a bit scary, and I had no clear road map to my end goal, but I could envision myself writing and doing photography as a full time job. I just couldn’t see a clear path to making that a reality.”

What happened next?

“I booked the Bootcamp as a kind of milestone for myself. Like, ‘after this, I’ll be set and then I’ll have no excuse not to become super successful’.


That might sound crazy, but the Bootcamp seriously lived up to my expectations – it gave me such a clear understanding of what I needed to do and, beyond that, gave me extra drive to conquer bigger and better things than I was even thinking about beforehand! I feel like I went from having no idea how to crack this industry to my understanding being so intrinsic, literally overnight – thanks to you chicks.”


What inspired me was looking at Lauren and Liz and Georgia, seeing what you all were doing, the balance between creating content and using social media to promote themselves as working journalists, hadn’t really seen anything like that before and hadn’t seen any other ways to learn something like that in courses or classes ect.



Considered attending The Travel Bootcamp?

The Travel Bootcamp gave me the confidence in my own ability to succeed, and to know what I should be paid for.

What’s on the cards next?
“Today, I can strategically choose the brands I want to work with – and knock back opportunities that I’m not passionate about. I’ve got a good backing, I know how to pitch myself and, as much as I loved teaching, I’ve now actually left my job to pursue travel photography full-time! The Travel Bootcamp gave me the confidence in my own ability to succeed, and to know what I should be paid for. If you want to improve yourself professionally, and if this is a career path you’re keen to head down, I would recommend it. I still consult my course notes.”


All images courtesy of @emmapegrum.

Considered attending The Travel Bootcamp?