Student Success: “I used to be a special needs teacher”

Sydneysider Matt Horspool transitioned from his full-time role as a teacher into full-time travel photography. He now shoots for Getty Images… among other things!

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WHO: Matt Horspool, Sydney

WHAT: Photographer, Writer and Influencer

Check out Matt’s work here; follow him here.

What was life like pre-Bootcamp?

“I had been passionate about travel photography for a long time and had already received some paid work, but my full-time career was as a teacher. One of my friends recommended The Travel Bootcamp to me; I had just returned to Australia from a trip to Kyrgyzstan, I remember him saying that it would be perfect for me. I booked my ticket right at the last minute. I guess you could say it was meant to be.”


What happened afterwards?

“The Travel Bootcamp gave me a lot of confidence. Virtually as soon as it finished, work began to snowball. I began entering my photography into competitions and now started to win things, selling my images and shooting for major brands Olympus. I also won the 2018 travel photographer of the year category in the world’s largest single photography competition, the EyeEm Awards, which was huge for me.”


What was the most useful thing you learned?

“As a photographer, it was helpful to learn about the world of media and how that works as a business – I didn’t know a huge amount about that world, and I’d like to work more with travel media in future. I also found the media kits really helpful. I already had one, but the Bootcamp gave me ideas of how to make mine better and more professional. I found it really insightful to understand how Lauren runs her business as an Instagrammer, and I also really enjoyed the blogging, which I was inspired to start doing, after attending the event… All in all it was just really invaluable to hear all of this advice coming from established, credible industry figures. Oh – and I won a trip to go to Italy with [Bootcamp sponsor] Intrepid Travel from entering one of the competitions that was run at the event.”

Considered attending The Travel Bootcamp?

The Travel Bootcamp gave me the confidence in my own ability to succeed, and to know what I should be paid for.

What’s on the cards next?
“Today, I can strategically choose the brands I want to work with – and knock back opportunities that I’m not passionate about. I’ve got a good backing, I know how to pitch myself and, as much as I loved teaching, I’ve now actually left my job to pursue travel photography full-time! The Travel Bootcamp gave me the confidence in my own ability to succeed, and to know what I should be paid for. If you want to improve yourself professionally, and if this is a career path you’re keen to head down, I would recommend it. I still consult my course notes.”


All images in this post are courtesy of @_matthorspool.

Considered attending The Travel Bootcamp?