Student Success: “I was a management consultant”

Jesse Lindemann was working as a management consultant, with 70+ hour weeks. Now, he’s an ambassador for Tourism Queensland, photographer, filmmaker, frequent traveller, and business owner.

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WHO: Jesse Lindemann from Sunshine Coast, Australia

AKA @photobohemian 

WHAT: Tourism Queensland Ambassador, Photographer and Business Owner


What was life like before?

“I was actually a management consultant at a company called Deloitte for five or six years post-university. I did a commerce degree at university. So yeah, I was working long hours, first in Brisbane, and then I did the secondment to the London office for two years. It was 70 plus hour weeks.”


What happened next?

“For me, The Travel Bootcamp was really like the launching pad, The Travel Bootcamp really like launched from nothing to basically an actual career in that space, yeah it was a huge game changer for me. Within two weeks of leaving The Travel Bootcamp I’d actually already made back the ticket price. I mean which was amazing, but basically I had reached out to a tourism board, and I was basically going to do a project like quid pro quo…


Coming back from The Bootcamp, I realized all these mistakes that I was making, and I thought actually, I can monetize this and that was literally within two weeks of The Bootcamp and I was like, this can be a real thing.


And, I still, you know, had relatively, no idea what I was doing. I mean, I knew the theory that Lauren, and Liz, and Georgia had shared, but I was still a novice at that point of actually trying to monetize it. I was thinking if I could monetize it this quickly then, yeah, I can definitely take this to another level.”

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So, within two weeks of leaving The Travel Bootcamp, I’d actually already made back the ticket price. I mean, which was amazing.

What’s on the cards next?

“So last year, 2018, I became a Tourism Queensland Ambassador. And so that was a big thing because that really opened the door to a lot of opportunities. I do a lot of work with Tourism Noosa as well. And I was also an ambassador for Camera Pro, which is a camera store brand in Australia. And then, at the moment, my wife and I are actually spending seven months in Europe, while we basically focus on passive income, and building up our blog, and affiliate income, and all that kind of stuff. So taking it to another level again, which is really cool. I was actually looking to go again to the Bootcamp this year.”


So, you’d like to join The Bootcamp a second time around?

“Yeah, absolutely. I would definitely attend the Bootcamp again. Even as someone that’s already relatively established in this space, I think there’s so much more you can always learn, and the industry is always changing.”


What would you say to anyone that’s hesitant about joining The Bootcamp?

“I think if you’re hesitant and you’re umming, and ahhing about going to The Travel Bootcamp, then you should definitely go.

I think if it’s gnawing at you, and you’re thinking, “Oh, maybe I should go,” yeah, that’s definitely the kind of person that should actually go. And the opportunity, the potential that it’s going to give you is huge. So yeah, I would definitely jump at it.”


All images in this post are courtesy of @photobohemian.

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