The Travel Bootcamp and COVID-19

Be assured that your health and safety is our highest priority.

We do not take the situation surrounding COVID-19 lightly and are monitoring the situation carefully.


What if I am unable to attend The Travel Bootcamp due to COVID-19?

If you purchase a ticket to The Travel Bootcamp and find yourself unable to attend the event in person due to travel restrictions, risk of quarantine or other legitimate reasons relating to COVID-19*, you won’t miss out. 

We guarantee all ticket holders virtual access to the entire event.




Virtual ticket holders receive:

* Access to a live streaming of The Travel Bootcamp, in action

* All official course materials

* A complete set of The Travel Bootcamp course notes

* The (famous) Travel Bootcamp goodie bag


Not only will you be able to watch a live streaming of the event, but you’ll still receive the full set of course materials, course notes, and goodie bag – guaranteed.


With the Bootcamp still a number of months away, we’re monitoring the situation carefully.

We will keep you informed of all updates, but please know that you and your health are our first priority.


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