Our cofounders top 7 tips for working from home effectively

Follow these 7 steps to survive and thrive during this lockdown period.

We’ve rallied our co founders together to give you their top seven tips for working from home (WFH) effectively. 

With a collective 20+ years working remotely, is there anyone better to help you stay productive and come out of lockdown on top? In our heavily biased opinion, we reckon – probably not.

They’ve enjoyed all sorts of remote work environments over the years, from cafes in Spain to beach bungalows in the Maldives to Glamping tents in Outback Australia – and they’re going to reveal how they keep their days on track, stay motivated and produce stellar content without a traditional office space. 


1. Designate a workspace for yourself

You might not be going into the office each day but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a designated space for your creative juices to get flowin’. That means, if you can, set up a space that’s purely just for creating so that when you enter this area your brain knows that it’s time to get crackin’.


2. Hit play

You know what will get you in a productive working vibe? Office tunes! Try our Good Vibes Only playlist on Spotify, where we’ve compiled some of our favourite bangers to get you feeling good. Listening to music you enjoy while you work can help improve mood and get you into a creative space.

WFH perk: you don’t need to take turns in choosing the office playlist – forget listening to Tim the tech guy’s dated 80’s tunes!

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There’s power in writing a healthy to-do list each morning



3. Write a healthy to-do list

There’s power in writing a healthy to-do list each morning that outlines what you need to achieve, this helps you keep on track and feel accomplished when your day finishes. At Bootcamp HQ, we employ a method taught to us by the Bootcamp contributing coach, Kait Rich. She calls it outlining your ‘Daily Vitals’. This means taking time each morning to write down 4–6 above the line tasks that you need to achieve in the day as well as any below the line errands that need to be completed. 

Above the line tasks = a strategic job to get you closer to your goals. 

Below the line tasks = those scrappy errands that keep you busy but don’t move you forward. 

We provide our full Basecamp Planning Toolkit to anyone who joins us at Digital Basecamp with a template for ‘Daily Vitals’ and guides that help you to plan effectively to hit daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly goals. It’s good – find out more about Digital Basecamp here.


4. Schedule breaks

When you’re working from home, it can be kind of easy for all your days to mould into one (It’s Wednesday today… right?) Keep a clear routine by outlining your start and finish times as well as scheduling breaks throughout the day to give you a sense of structure. During these scheduled breaks, if you can, try to get out of the house and take a short walk. Perhaps, even just sit by an open window, just do whatever you can to get a little fresh air and sunshine – trust us, it will do WONDERS.

WFH perk: you can totally create and enjoy a delicious lunch that you make at home, in your very own kitchen.

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Keep a clear routine and schedule breaks to give yourself a sense of structure

5. Take control of your time

No one’s day is packed from morning to night with goal kicking and task slaying… there are natural ebbs and flows in everyone’s productivity levels. When you’re working from home it’s especially important to remember this and aim to do your most important tasks when you’re in you’re most productive period.

Don’t force it – if you’re feeling low, work on projects that require less headspace. Often the momentum from completing those smaller tasks will boost your energy and productivity levels back up.


6. Wear whatever makes you feel good

There’s merit in getting up and getting dressed for work each morning as though you’re going into the office, this helps set you up for the day and get you in the headspace for work. However, there might be days where you just don’t feel like getting out of activewear, and we’re here to tell you that when you’re working from home that’s totally okay. As long as you’re feeling good, embrace wearing whatever the heck you like to your WFH office.

Lockdown perk: Pants are optional!

7. Make positive changes in your life

If you’ve ditched the daily commute for working from home, it’s likely many of you will have extra time on your hands. The good news is you can turn things around and use this time to your advantage. Learn a new skill, practice yoga, meditate, pick up a good book; use the extra time to do something that makes you feel good.


Follow our cofounders top 7 tips for working from home effectively and trust us, it IS possible to survive and thrive during this lockdown period.

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