What’s the go with Instagram Reels?

We’re talking about the ins and outs of Instagram’s latest feature.

Last week Facebook announced it would be rolling out its new Instagram feature – Instagram Reels. Naturally, we were intrigued. So, we jumped straight on the research train to bring you the low-down on Instagram’s newest brain-child.


In short, Instagram Reels is a new video format that will rival TikTok and broaden the use of the already expansive Insta platform. We don’t know the exact release date yet, but we think Instagram Reels has the potential to change the game – for reel. 

What is the ‘Reels’ feature on Instagram?

Instagram Reels will be a Stories feature, that allows users to edit 15 second videos. Editing features will include overlapping clips, adjusting footage speed and overlaying sound. Reels will be found in the Stories section alongside the Superzoom and Boomerang modes. Instagram Reels is the most comprehensive video editing tool to be seen on the ‘gram since it was established a decade ago. 


Similar to TikTok, Instagram Reels will allow users to pull audio from both public Reels and the music library. We have seen users of TikTok reproduce dances, comedic content and undertake challenges and we think that you could expect the same kind of content to come out of Reels. 



These short video clips can then be shared to Stories and saved to Highlights (so your followers can watch you lip sync to Baby Got Back whenever they like). Instagram users will also be able to post edited Reels on their profiles and featured Reels will be found on the ‘Explore’ page. 

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How could Reels help to build your brand?


We speculate, that Instagram Reels will allow brands to generate authenticity, engage with trending content and reach a younger audience. 


Ultimately, Reels is offering ANOTHER format to entertain and engage your audience – and this is good thing. It will allow you to add variety to the content your brand produces.


Reels also has the potential to beautify your video. Better footage, whether you are using it to trim content together for a 15 second travel highlight vid or are participating in a global dance challenge, is always going to be better for your engagement. People LOVE beautiful content – it’s what they keep coming back for. 

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What our co-founders are most excited to try on Reels!


Our Travel Bootcamp co-founders are super excited for the roll-out of Reels and the possibilities it opens up for Instagram brands.


With entertainment as a focus, Lauren says she’s keen to see a spike in audience engagement and the potential for more viral content on IG. In the social media sphere, ‘viral’ refers to a piece of content that has become increasingly popular (measured in likes, comments and shares by the thousands) in a short period of time. The fact that the Instagram Reels will be featured on the ‘Explore’ page will result in a lot of content going viral on the ‘gram. This means that Reels has the potential to increase a brand’s following, engagement and sponsorship potential. 



Which is another thing they’re pumped about – Lauren and Georgia are really looking forward to experimenting with Reels as a new form of content production for sponsorship and collaboration projects.


Georgia is also eager for the roll-out of Instagram Reels for another reason


– can you tell what it is?


Oh boy, we can’t wait for more of this –>

When should we expect the arrival of Reels?


Instagram has already been testing its Reels feature in Brazil, France, Germany and India. A Facebook spokesperson revealed last week, however, that the US (and 50 other lucky countries) should expect the new feature in the coming weeks. *Fingers crossed for early August*. 

The Travel Bootcamp Verdict


Here at The Travel Bootcamp, we see reely big things coming from this new feature. The wide use of Instagram means that you’ll find more people (from all different generations) on the one platform – which ultimately means that brand reach on Instagram will be higher than on specialised platforms (Snapchat and TikTok, for example). 

In the meantime, all we can do is practise our dance moves and lip-syncing skills while we wait for FB to release the new (and highly anticipated) Instagram Reels feature.