How to use Instagram Reels

The four step guide to using Instagrams newest feature

Meet Reels, he’s the new kid on the block and he has come to bring some big-city-thinking to the ‘gram. 


We have already introduced you to Reels and explained what it might mean for your business, we know. But now it’s finally arrived we are here to cover the basics: where to find it, how to use it and what kind of things to use it for.


Now that Reels here, it’s worth getting to know (it might even become your social media BFF – we know we are reely loving it). 

Where to find it on Instagram:

Reels can be found in the Stories section of your Instagram app (do a swipe to the right and it’ll take you there). The new Instagram update has Boomerang, Superzoom and Normal modes down the base of the screen – and that’s where you’ll find Reels too. 


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How to make a Reel:

Straight from the horse’s mouth (how Instagram suggests you use Reels). 


1. Think of your idea

It might be an original footage from a trip you took or it may be that you are undertaking a trending #challenge. Either way, you start with an idea and go from there. Think outside of the box, originality is essential right now – especially with such little content to share around.


We think it would be a GREAT idea to get a jump-start on creating original audio. You can record and apply it to your Reel and then it will be shared in a public folder for all other accounts to use. Your account will always be tagged if others use it – this creates community and enhances your chances of creating more engagement (and nabbing a few more followers too!). 

2. Plan!

The next step is to frame your idea into a 15 second video. This is all you get, 15 seconds, so make it count. The best Reels will be ones that are clearly structured and planned. Insta’ is suggesting you write a script for your comedy skit or select the best 15 second segment of a song for your dance challenge (and have a few practise runs too!).

3. And Action!

It’s time to shoot your Reels. Make sure you use natural lighting when possible. While you’re shooting (and before you publish) you can edit using text and effects (check ’em out below). 


Insta’ suggests that you make the first 2 seconds super engaging to capture the attention of your audience. 

*Effects on Reels* Courtesy of Instagram

4. Send it out into the world

The final step is to publish your Reels.

Once you have published it will show up on your followers Feed and your grid. To increase your chances of showing up on the Explore page you can ask your audience to share and replicate your reels and use # to make it catch on.

Instagram also suggests using a unique ‘look’ for each of your Reels to create authenticity and familiarity with your audience. 


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Where your Reels will be featured:

On your own grid, in your followers Feeds and on the Explore page 👇

Courtesy of Instagram

Why we’re excited about Reels:


It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s shiny. But beyond these things (that do, without-a-doubt make it super exciting) Reels also has the potential to show-up for your social media brand. It has the potential to create variety in your content, increase your engagement and push your Insta’ to the next level. You just have to be willing to learn and harness it as an asset to your socials.


We expect that there will be a lot of changes and additions coming to Reels in the future (just with time we expect a tonne more audio to overlay and a lot of community engagement with challenges and dances) and we are totally here for it (psst! you should be too!).


Go forth and test it out. Let us know how you go!