How to up your Insta-story game

3 brilliant (and brilliantly simple) insta-tips, from our co-founders.

More than 500 million people use Instagram stories DAILY (source: We Are Social). Phew. The popularity of Instagram stories is undeniable, so if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon just yet – there’s no time like the present. These quick-fire tips from our experts will help you create standout Instagram stories that leave your followers craving more.

Tip 1: Include Questions

“Not everything in life has to be complicated! Including something as simple as a small aside, which reads “don’t you agree?” provokes engagement and helps your viewer feel involved in your story.

Another option: use the poll feature. These are both great ways to engender a two-way connection that feels intimate and genuine.”

– @youngadventuress


Tip 2. Pre-plan your story from start to finish.

“So many people simply put up what they had for breakfast, followed by what they did at lunchtime. But the best Insta stories have a narrative arc, or at least a cohesive through-line. Remember, it’s called an Instagram story for a reason.

Generally speaking, I write out exactly what I want to say, and match my words to the pictures I want to use.

Often, I’ll then overlay my text, save the images in order in my library and take a ‘test scroll’ through the story, as if I’m a reader. It’s a little more work… but a lot more engagement.”

– @laurenepbath

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“The best Insta stories have a narrative arc… remember, it’s called an Instagram ‘story’ for a reason”

Tip 3: Use commas, and ellipses…

“Keep people clicking through your story by adding a comma, or ellipses (that series of three consecutive full-stops, which looks like this: …) to the end of your sentences… on each and every upload.

This is a very clear marker that you haven’t finished ‘speaking’, which subliminally draws people into clicking ‘next’. Sneaky!

Oh, and in case this wasn’t obvious generally speaking, the best stories are those that are visually appealing and easy to interpret. Distorted footage, bad lighting and poor framing don’t make for great viewing… but you’d be surprised how often they show up.”

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