How to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle in your Social Media Strategy

to optimise your time, content and SEO this year.

You know the terms ‘reuse, reduce recycle’? Of course you do – and not only should you be aiming to optimise these for the environment, but also for your social media strategy. 


With so much time and effort required to ace your social media, reusing content, reducing your time making content and recycling content are great methods of supplementing the new stuff you’re working on. 


See how you can save yourself some time by adding the reuse, reduce and recycle mentality to your social media strategy. 👇


1. REUSE – Reuse your old content. 

Everyone has a stash old content sitting as the base of their IG grid or FB page – a photo you posted, a blog you wrote or an interview you recorded a while back. Whether you shared them on Instagram, your blog or any other platform, we have good news: you can REUSE this content (if it’s A+ content, that is) without any shame. 


You can reuse content in many different ways:

♻️ You can turn an old twitter post into an Instagram post, an old blog post into a podcast or an article you published to Facebook can be shared to Linkedin. 

♻️ You can literally grab a post you did a couple of years ago and reshare the same image, or an image from the same shoot, and write a new caption. Alternatively, you can share a similar caption with another image. Your new followers may not have seen your old content, and the information is valuable (so it’s worth re-sharing) or the post is so old (but still relevant) and we can guarantee that you former followers will not mind seeing it again (if they even remember!). 

♻️ Remodel your best content into quote tiles – so, you did a killer interview and shared it on Insta’ a while back, make it a quote tile series to jazz up your grid. 

♻️ You’ve heard of Instagram Guides? Well, Instagram have literally made it SO easy to reshare your old content in a fresh way with this new feature. Check out our blog on Insta’ Guides to see how.


Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t asking you to duplicate content you shared recently or to share the exact same content you did before. You will need to do a bit of work to the old content to repurpose it, but it will save you a heck-of-a-lot of work and save you a lot of time, all the while adding value to your followers and subscribers. 

2. REDUCE – Reduce your work-load. 

We love making the most of the work we put into our businesses, especially when it comes to social media – and this is easily achieved with proper planning. When you’re in the early stages of content creation for a project, all you need to do is ask yourself:  How can I repurpose this new information for other social media platforms? 


For example, you’ve gone out for a shoot to capture a landscape shot to pop on your IG grid – this content, with proper planning, could EASILY cover four platforms. Here’s how 👇:


♻️ Post to IG, with a killer caption (your primary purpose for the content).

♻️ Write a blog post about how you found the best places to shoot in that area, or how you edited the photographs in Lightroom to give value to your audience.

♻️ Turn the blog post into an email that you send out to your database.

♻️ Link the blog post to your LinkedIn profile to show your authority as a photographer.


By creating multiple purpose content, like this, you will be reducing your work-load by the tonnes – and we’ll give you one better: this practice can be applied to almost every piece of content you create if you have the proper planning at the commencement of the content creation process.


This is what prime social media strategy looks like 👆. 

3. RECYCLE – Update your old content. 

Like the box your toothpaste comes in, your content is fully recyclable ♻️. 


We love recycling – there is nothing more satisfying than using up old things that are tired and out-of-date and turning them into new, fresh and relevant pieces. This works for old clothes, pieces of furniture AND (most importantly) your social media and blog. 


Let’s start with the blog, shall we? Updating and recycling your blog posts is a really important step for refreshing and optimising your old content. Not only is this great for your authority as a travel writer/blogger/photographer (as you’re maintaining the most up-to-date information) but it is also fantastic for optimising your SEO and driving new traffic to your blog. 


So, spend some time combing through your old blog posts, check that all the old outbound and inbound links are functional and that all of the information that you share is accurate. This might mean you need to check whether that restaurant you reviewed is still open, or that there haven’t been updates to the offerings on that tour you took in Bali. 


While you’re here, you should also check that you are optimising keywords, using linking words in your paragraphs and maybe even consider changing the title to something “How to”, “The 5 steps” or the “Definitive list” (Google LOVES these titles) to optimise your SEO and rank you higher on the search engine. 


Updating your content on social media is a little tricker, as you can’t edit photographs on Instagram or Facebook – you can, however, update your captions and copy to give the most relevant information for people that scroll back through your feed. 

There you have it! 

These are the time and effort saving practices that will allow you to optimise the work you are already putting into your social media accounts – and send more followers and subscribers your way. You don’t need to be under the pump all the time to be smashing your socials 💪.

And please also remember to reduce, reuse and recycle ♻️ for the environment, as well as for your social media strategy. 

Till next time,

The Travel Bootcamp