How to master flat lay photography for Christmas

so you can show off your Christmas haul in style 🎁

These tips on flat lay photography for Christmas are bound to go down a treat – whether you’re looking for an outlet to show off all of your cool Christmas gifts, the ingredients you used to create those epic gingerbread men or even your Christmas table decorations.


If you haven’t heard of flat lay photography, we are absolutely certain you’ve seen it around. It looks a little something like this and this 👇

It’s a great way of showcasing items in an artistic and stylised way. Hello, professional Christmas shots!


So, if you’re looking to learn how to capture epic flat lay photography for Christmas, look no further! Our co-founder, Insta’ expert and photographer extraordinaire, Lauren Bath takes us through the four most crucial tips to shooting killer flat lays for Christmas, below – consider this an early Xmas gift!

1. Backdrop 


Flat lays, as the name suggests, are a collection of items arranged on a surface. This surface serves as the backdrop for your image and has the potential to make or break the photo. 


Lauren always opts for a matte surface, like wood, concrete or marble. Her reason? These surfaces add  to the image, create texture and have the potential to create eye catching contrast. 


Lauren suggests that you avoid using shiny surfaces that reflect light, as they can cheapen the look of your image and take away attention from the contents in the image. 


2. Lighting 


As with any photography, light is always going to play a role in the success of your flat lay image. 


Lauren’s go-to lighting is bright, natural light – so shoot in the brightest room in your house, near a large window or consider taking the shoot outside! 


If you’re opting for a moodier vibe, we suggest candles and fairy lights in your flat lay photography for Christmas (oh man, we love the festive season vibes!).

3. Props 


This is the most important part of flat lay photography: staging and props.


These are the parts that literally make your photo. This Christmas, the props might look like wrapped gifts, bon bons, candy canes, tinsel and a nutcracker or two, scattered around the best items in your haul (please be lenses, please be lenses!). We think @ThanksaLatteBlog does a veeeeery good job at Xmas flat lays due to her epic selection of props.

Lauren suggests you think of colour, texture, shape and spacing when staging your props to ensure a killer flat lay for your Christmas haul. 


If you’re thinking more along the lines of Christmas dinner flat lay, take a look at our blog ‘4 top tips for food flat lay photography‘ for some more inspo!

4. Technical Specifications 


Now that you have lighting down pat and the backdrop filled with a perfectly staged setting, you’re ready to shoot shoot your flat lay for Christmas! Go you! 


Flat lay photography is usually shot from directly above, so the objects in the image appear almost two dimensional. To do this, you simply place the camera directly above the setting and shoot. 


Lauren opts to shoot in Aperture Priority mode, with an f2.8 or f4.

Now, go forth and shoot some killer Christmas flat lays this festive season. 


Not only is this an epic way to showcase your christmas spirit, but users on the ‘gram really love flat lays, so it’s very possible you’ll pick up some extra followers with your  newly refined skills and christmas cheer. 

Make sure you tag us in your flat lay for Christmas posts on Insta’ via the tag #thetravelbootcamp, so we can check it out! 


We can’t wait.

Team Bootcamp