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This week, our career crush is Renee Hahnel, the blogging phenomenon behind @reneeroaming.

Renee Hahnel

Instagram: @ReneeRoaming

Why we love her: she’s a globe-trotting, blogging phenomenon who’s set out to inspire others to explore our beautiful world.

Her Instagram feed is full of colour and adventure – the perfect representation of her life in the travel industry. Across her Instagram, Renee shares vivid imagery of the outdoors with a special nod toward landscape photography. Plus, her Insta captions and blog articles are easy to read and give away some of her best travel advice – naturally, we like!


With a sweet 393K followers on Instagram, a dedicated blog readership and her very own coffee table book it seems Renee has it all figured out! But, like many in this industry, it didn’t always look like this. She worked as a speech therapist after university before she transitioned into a full-time travel aficionado. She began to pursue her true calling in the travel industry in 2016 when she started blogging and photography on the side the of her 9-5. Fast-forward to the end of 2016 and she’d managed to take her little side hustle FULL-TIME within the first year.


Now, as one of the most successful women in the travel industry, Renee is proof that changing your career path is totally okay– you’re allowed to change your mind. If you’re in a job that doesn’t feel right to you and you know you’re made for something more – make like Renee and BELIEVE in yourself.

All images by @reneeroaming. See more of her work here.

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