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This week we’re bringing you Sera Wright of the @photography_byron_bay Instagram account.

Sera Wright

Instagram: @serajwright

Why we love her: she’s managed to create an Instagram aesthetic that draws us in and makes us want to head straight for the beach.

This week, our career crush is Sera Wright, the beach babe photographer behind the @photography_byron_bay Instagram account. Sera has a knack for capturing the most beautiful light in her images. Her Instagram feed is a wash of fairytale blues and pink hues that make us just want to keep on scrolling! Her passion for nature, the outdoors and – most obviously – the ocean is clear in her work. It’s easy to see why her tight-knit following of just over 70K people are so captivated by her imagery. Her grid tells a tale of refreshing sunrises, crisp evenings and a mesmerising lapping blue ocean.


Seriously, Sera has NAILED her aesthetic, it’s clearly very well thought out and speaks volumes to what a little planning can achieve. The best way to describe it? She manages to seamlessly blend all of her images together to produce a cotton-candy coloured masterpiece that draws you in and makes you want to head straight to the beach. Sera has defined her brand using a set combination of colours and image-styles. Her branding is on-point and makes her Instagram images highly recognisable with her signature aesthetic.


Not only is her Instagram grid a delight to the senses, but it’s also the perfect case study to prove the importance of defining your brand, digital presence and ultimately what you want to be known for.

All images by @serajwright

All images by @photography_byron_bay. See more of their work here.

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