Follow Friday: @pattiegonia

It’s #FollowFriday! This week, we’re crushing on @pattiegonia.

Pattie Gonia

Instagram: @pattiegonia

Why we love him: The viral drag queen Eagle Scout who dances around the mountains in knee-high leather heeled boots inspiring positivity and inclusivity in the outdoors.

Dominating Instagram in less than a year, Pattie Gonia acquired a tight-knit community of 130,000 followers, with incredible engagement and an eagerness for more, more, MORE.


The alter-ego of Nebraska-based photographer and Eagle Scout @wynwileyphoto, shares inspirational photos in the wilderness while bringing a feminity and grace to the often rough stereotype of the backcountry. The epitome of a creative on Instagram, Pattie Gonia is using the platform to start a dialogue about important issues and also inspire and entertain in a fresh new way.


But srsly, how do you hike in those boots? We gotta know!


All images by @pattiegonia, see more of his work here.

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