Follow Friday: @melissafindley

It’s #FollowFriday! This week, we’re crushing on @melissafindley

Melissa Findley

Instagram: @melissafindley

Why we love her: she’s a wildlife and landscape photographer-extraordinaire with a flair for words. If you can’t choose between writing and photography, well, Melissa proves you can do both.

She’s defined her social presence around more than just photography; her showcase of beautiful imagery combined with her use of insightful captions and quotes make her account a delight to the mind as well as the eyes. She clearly puts a lot of thought into the wording that accompanies her shots and we think it’s these finer details that set her apart from the rest.

Melissa’s Instagram grid tells a story of starlit nights, ocean-lapped horizons and the rugged beauty of animals in the wild. She’s developed an extensive portfolio that highlights her passions around conservation and appreciation for the beauty of nature.

Her journey to becoming the brilliant travel photographer that she is today started as a simple love of capturing moments on camera as a teen. Fast forward a few years down the track, where she decided to take the leap into the travel and destination marketing space and slowly (and organically) grew her Instagram following from there.

Today she has over 130 thousand dedicated Instagram followers. And we totally get why. She continues to showcase why Instagram is about more than just imagery, and that captions on travel accounts can be about more than just the destination.

Her work is seriously stunning, we’re hooked. Go get ‘em girl.


All images by @melissafindley. See more of her work here.

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