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This week we’re bringing you Jordan Hammond of the @jordhammond Instagram account.

Jordan Hammond

Instagram: @jordhammond

Why we love him: His images have mood and emotion; he offers an Instagram grid that goes against the usual grain of travel photography and so naturally – we like.

So, who’s Jordan Hammond?


He’s the British travel photographer taking the travel industry in his stride at just 26 years old. His moody Instagram aesthetic tells tales of people and places less heard of. He takes followers along for the ride on his journeys, throughout Asia in particular, as he explores off-the-beaten-path destinations.


Amazingly, Jordan didn’t take up photography until just a few years ago – we’d easily be fooled into thinking his imagery is produced by a seasoned pro! And, as it turns out, we’re not the only ones who like his stuff – he’s garnered a following of over half a million people on Instagram. We’re not surprised – he offers imagery that’s different; captivating and is a welcome respite from the typical wander-babe shots seen on Instagram.


Something we really quite like about Jord (yeah, we’re now at nick-name basis) is the importance he places on being DIFFERENT. At The Bootcamp, we’re all about being YOU and finding your thang – it’s an important pillar for success in this industry.


Jord speaks openly about trying to differentiate himself in an industry that’s beaming with squillions of talented photographers. We’re betting this is why he’s developed his moody aesthetic and moved away from his previously bright, vibrant style that’s now favoured by many photographers.


Key take-aways here? Find what sets you apart and define your brand aesthetic around that thing. Oh, and go ahead and follow @jordhammond, you won’t regret it – pay attention to how he goes above and beyond to define his style.

All images by @jordhammond. See more of his work here.

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