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This week, our career crush is Chris Burkard, the man behind the @chrisburkard Instagram account.

Chris Burkard

Instagram: @chrisburkard

Why we love him: He’s a true pioneer of adventure photography and a regular old legend whose shots have inspired millions to get outdoors and explore our beautiful world.

Originally a surf photographer, the California-based creative was an early adopter of Instagram and began applying his skills to other areas of adventure – sometimes literally, shooting scenes of surfing in the Arctic, and sometimes not (see: the rest of his portfolio).


There’s certainly no denying that his work has influenced a generation of travel photographers (or inspired a glut of copycats, depending on who you talk to).


Indeed it was Chris who was originally thought to shoot that ‘small tent in large wilderness’ image so often seen on Instagram, a style he has since largely abandoned.


Whatever your opinion, there’s no denying Chris’ unparalleled eye for epic landscapes – whether shooting Icelandic waterfalls or horse riding through Mongolia, the hard work and years of labour he’s put into his skills is clear in every shot. Teach us more!

All images by @chrisburkard. See more of his work here.

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