Follow Friday: @alongdustyroads

This week we’re bringing you Andrew and Emily of the @alongdustyroads Instagram account.

Andrew and Emily

Instagram: @alongdustyroads

Why we love them: they prove that you don’t need millions of followers to have serious success in this industry.

This week, our career crush is a DUO; yep, our first career crush couple! Refreshingly, their stories are filled with tales of slow travel and how they explore the destinations they visit a little differently. Forget jumping from city to city; bouncing from one tourist hot spot to another – these guys are all about exploring the hidden beauty of a destination, and helping their followers to do the same. Nice one, guys. They share wonderful tales of their travels and offer tips and advice for anyone watching their journey.


With a smaller following of just under 70K this dynamic duo are living proof that the days of needing a mass following to have any success in this industry are gone. A dedicated following can be small but that doesn’t mean it can’t be oh-so-mighty – remember, brands are looking for travel professionals with real influence. Building a community based on trust and offering authentic advice to your followers goes a long way.

All images by @alongdustyroads. See more of their work here.

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