Chefchaouen, Morocco

It’s time to look at another Insta Icon! This week, we’re talking about Chefchaouen in Morocco.

This feature is part of our weekly #Instaicons series, where we take a look at the pictures and places that have risen to fame through the ‘gram. Part celebration of photography, part unadulterated #EarthPorn, it’s the ultimate way to break up your week – consider it today’s mental mini-vacay. You’re welcome.

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This week we’re bringing you ‘The Blue Pearl’ of Morocco; Chefchaouen.


You know the one… that tiny mountain town that’s painted all kinds of blue.


It’s idyllic pastel pathways and technicolour planter pots have captivated Instagrammers and sent many on a detour to Northern Africa during their European travels.

Chefchaouen has seen a significant increase in tourism in recent years. The city’s most-famed and arguably most-Instagrammable location is a particular set of stairs framed by multicolour pot plants (pictured).


The stunning electric blue stairway was made famous entirely by Instagram and various bloggers. Interestingly, like Chefchaouen itself, this epic Instagram spot isn’t easy to find, it’s amongst a maze of tiny streets and shopfronts – there are no signs or directions in sight. But, amazingly, die-hard photography fans manage to find it – it’s not unusual for a line to form to get the perfect shot.


Chefchaouen is one of our fave cities in Morocco, it’s a little underrated but jam-packed with personality. Side note: the medina really IS as vibrant and colourful as the photos make it seem – no photoshop or filters needed. It’s definitely deserving of it’s ‘grammable reputation.


Instagram image credits: @einna3, @brittanyrankin_, @helenabradbury, @as2s_85, @valeryjamm, @becasampaio

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