Supercharge your travel social media success!

Grow an audience, build a genuine following and kick-start your travel career from the comfort of your sofa

Grow your following, build an online brand, and supercharge your travel social media success TODAY.

Do you dream of getting paid to travel – but Covid-19 has turned your plans upside down?

Would you love to become a travel writer, photographer, blogger or influencer – but that doesn’t seem possible right now?

Was this going to be the year you found travel media social success – but now it feels like you’ve missed your chance?



An exclusive digital live event, for supercharged travel social media success.

Kick-start your travel career from your sofa – TODAY!



Now yours for just


February, 2021


*Prices are in USD. 


Introducing Basecamp: Your launchpad for travel social media success!



What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is an exciting new online conference – presented LIVE!

It’s designed to teach you everything you need to know about finding travel social media success, in one easy digital event.

Join others just like you, and learn the secrets behind growing a following, establishing an online brand, and building real influence with your audience.


Basecamp is proudly brought to you by The Travel Bootcamp.


Build an online following (starting now!)

Believe it or not, there has never been a better time to kick-start your travel career than right now. Why? Because there are more eyeballs online, than ever before in the history of the world, right now. Right now is the ultimate time to grow your audience. Yep: this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!


Kickstart your travel career today

Do you dream of getting paid to travel – but fear Covid-19 has stolen your chance? Think again! This is a golden opportunity to supercharge your following, grow your brand, and grow your tribe of online followers. You don’t have to sit through this weird time, stuck in limbo land – you can actually use it to get ahead. Starting immediately!

Grow your own travel channel

Did you know that almost all travel social media brands are run by people who started their travel social media accounts when they were at home, in an office, or online? You don’t have to go travelling, to start supercharging your travel social media following – in fact, our experts themselves are living proof of that fact. They all kickstarted their social media careers from the comfort of their couch – and you can too!

No travel required

Yes – you CAN find travel social media success, and kick-start your travel career, without leaving home.Using our proven formula, you can begin to build the online brand and travel social media following you’ve always wanted to. Grow your audience, build a genuine travel following, and find the tribe of people who genuinely love and appreciate what you have to say. By the time Covid-19 is over, you’ll be ready to take on the world!


Learn from the comfort of your home

Thought you had to attend an event in person, to get results? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to come to The Travel Bootcamp and never been able to. Forget that – now you can learn online!

An exciting new digital conference, by four of the travel industry’s most established experts.


Australia’s first professional Instagrammer, @laurenepbath


Travel journalist + Editor at Large, @virginaustralia


World's top 10 female blogger, @youngadventuress


Leading business mindset coach

Mark Fitzpatrick – The Travel Bootcamp

“I was a tax accountant – now I’m an travel influencer!”

“I was a tax accountant for 14 years… but the team at The Travel Bootcamp taught me how to transform my life, and career. Now I’m a full-time travel photographer and influencer with an online brand and following of 85,000 people.”

– Mark Fitzpatrick, from Townsville


For anyone who wants supercharged travel social media success.

• Flourishing social media stars + influencers

•  Travel lovers

•  Photographers, writers and bloggers

• Small business owners

• Tourism brands

• Anyone who wants to supercharge their travel social media


Yes – This event is for you!

The Digital Basecamp Schedule

Want to attend? Choose the session that suits you best.

4pm*: The Basecamp live digital broadcast officially begins!

Event MC: Leanne Melody (@LeanneMelody_)


SESSION 1: How to build a travel audience, without travelling

presented by Georgia Rickard: Editor at large, @VirginAustralia

The 5 key ingredients to genius online storytelling – what the world’s biggest travel social brands know, that you don’t

3 non-negotiable pillars behind excellent social content

Getting to grips with travel content marketing: what the market is doing next

Finding success with your first 100 followers (yep, really)

The travel industry: finding the sweet spot for your individual voice

3 FREE insider hacks for travel social media success (priceless!)


SESSION 2: Strategy and social media: develop your unique voice and start building influence!

presented by Liz Carlson: New Zealand’s First Professional Instagrammer, @YoungAdventuress

Social media strategising: how to write a killer content strategy

The 3 social media mistakes you’re still making

Drilling down on your unique voice and content pillars

The art of creating real influence – what it looks like and how you build it

Vulnerability, authenticity and integrity: how to take your audience on a journey

Industry shortcuts to creating a personalised content calendar

BONUS: how to apply these principles to build a highly-engaged blog readership


SESSION 3: Supercharging your audience: Instagram-specific secrets of growing a following

presented by Lauren Bath: Australia’s First Professional Instagrammer, @LaurenEPBath

Gaining followers and increasing engagement: tactics specific to Instagram (shhh!)

Likes, comments, views and shares: how to increase your engagement

A guide to supercharging your Instagram stories

IGTV: tips and tricks worth knowing know about (and what to avoid!)

Building long-term trust: what your personal brand should look like, online


SESSION 4: How to shift your mindset, believe success is possible, and execute on YOUR dreams

presented by Kait Rich: The Travel Bootcamp’s contributing coach, @TheTravelBootcamp

From micro actions to macro results: 3 hacks the experts use for longterm social success

Crafting your plan of attack: how to side-swipe procrastination and take action NOW!

The powerful language you can use, to get people sliding into your DMs (shhh!)

Insider tricks for building genuine authority on your platform of choice


8pm*: The Basecamp live digital broadcast officially ends.



*All times listed in Australian Eastern Standard Time; finish times approximate.

NOTE: broadcast details will be provided when you purchase your ticket.



An exclusive digital live event, for supercharged travel social media success.



February, 2021



Prices are in USD. 

Guess what?

There’s never been a better time in the history of the world to find travel social media success.



Here are four reasons why:

1. There have NEVER been more eyeballs online, in the history of the world. If you want to capture your share of the online audience, now’s the ultimate time to make your move.

2. The current global affairs have seen us press pause… but what happens next is a serious industry bounce-back. When this is over, travel social media accounts are going to be competing to get their message out there – and you’re going to be five steps ahead!

3. When this is over, we can also expect a huge flurry of travel activity. Think about how stir-crazy you feel after just a couple of weeks of this – now multiply that feeling the world over. People are going to be itching to get travelling, and guess who’s going to be ready, with an engaged, and growing social media following? YOU ARE.

4. Contrary to popular belief, most travel social media accounts find their initial success without having to travel anywhere. Which means you can, too!

Your ticket includes

An access-all-areas ticket to the Digital Basecamp conference

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn during Digital Basecamp:

• The step-by-step secrets of growing a travel following

• The little-known secrets of building a trusted travel brand

• The fundamental principles of content marketing – and how to make them work for you

• How you can find success with just 100 followers (yes, really)

• How to get the inspiration needed to make lasting career change

• How to establish long-term relationships with your following, so that you stand out from the crowd

• The non-negotiable pillars behind excellent social content

• How to think long-term about your brand and audience

• Why you should start thinking about your 1000 true fans

• The classic social media pitfalls – and how to avoid them

• The art of creating real influence – what it looks like, and how you build it

• How to use social media principles to grow your social media, AND your blog following

• How to write up a content strategy, and use it to build a sincerely engaged readership

• How to go from micro actions to macro results


Valued at $1597

The Official Basecamp Digital Planning toolkit

The Official Basecamp Digital Planning Toolkit is your official step-by-step guide to planning your new career, so you know exactly how to stay on track to reach your goals, featuring

• 16 pages of comprehensive info – everything you need to plan out your social media success

• Set your inspirational vision – visualise your dream career, then take actionable steps towards it

• Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals – never lose focus again!

• Plus more…

Valued at $97

Your exclusive Basecamp Workbook

Ever attended an event and felt like there was so much information that you couldn’t even remember it all (let alone implement all the advice)? That won’t happen here. Your exclusive Basecamp Workbook has everything you need to ensure you don’t miss a single thing. 

• Capture ALL the information

• Don’t miss a single piece of advice

• Have a permanent copy of everything you’ve learned – yours to keep forever!




Valued at $47

Q&A access to the closed Travel Bootcamp community

At Basecamp, you’re going to learn SO MUCH about generating travel social media success – it’s going to be a lot to take in! So we’ve got you covered – attend Basecamp, and you’ll also receive access to the exclusive closed The Travel Bootcamp community. Ask any question – day or night – and receive answers from others who’ve been there, done that. Never feel alone again!


Total Value $1741

Yours for just $147  $97!

limited time only!


*Prices are in USD. 

A note from our experts


Greetings from Team Bootcamp – we’re so pleased you’re here.

In challenging times, there are great opportunities to be found… so right now, we’re going to ask you an important question:

What if right now, finally, you had the chance to redirect your life in the direction you’ve always wanted?

Maybe you love the idea of starting a travel blog or social media account, but until now you simply haven’t had the time, energy or headspace.

Maybe you’ve already started a travel blog or social media account, but so far it just hasn’t taken off the way you thought it would.

We have no doubt that you’re passionate about travel and being creative – but maybe the current global situation makes a career in travel feel impossible.

Guess what? We’re here to fix that!

We believe that everything happens for a reason – and that you finding your way to this page was no coincidence.

So get ready: you’re about to kick off your travel social success in a whole new way…



February, 2021


*Prices are in USD. 


Learn from people just like you

Believe it or not, all our travel experts started their social media careers without travelling!


began her travel career in her backyard.


started her travel career in her mum's lounge room.


began her travel career on her couch.


began her travel career from her bedroom in Canada.

Meet our experts

Australia’s First Professional Instagrammer, @laurenepbath

Deemed “Australia’s first professional Instagrammer” by national media, Lauren Bath helped pioneered the global travel influencer industry.


She has a dedicated audience of close to half a million followers on her personal travel channel, @laurenepbath.


She started her travel career in her backyard!

Contributing coach, @thetravelbootcamp

Kait Rich – aka @TheRichCoach – is a mindset specialist who specialises in helping travel brands and influencers grow their followings for social media success.


She’s a professional traveller, and holds the coveted position of contributing coach at @TheTravelBootcamp.


Kait started her travel career in her bedroom.

World Top 10 blogger, @youngadventuress

Liz Carlson is founder of Young Adventuress – one of the biggest and most popular travel blogs in the world, with a following in the millions.


An American down under, she’s the first person in New Zealand national history to gain citizenship with ‘blogger’ listed as her profession. She is known as New Zealand’s First Professional Instagrammer.


Liz started her travel career on her couch!

Editor at large, @virginaustralia

Georgia Rickard is a multi-award-winning travel editor and social media expert. She has worked on some of the biggest social media brands in travel – including the world’s biggest tourism account, @australia.


In her current role, she looks after contributing travel social content for @virginaustralia.


She started her travel career in her mum’s lounge room.

Tell me more about Basecamp!

Got questions? Here are some of the questions others have asked:


Q. Who should attend Basecamp?
A. This is your launch pad for travel social media success – so anyone who’s looking to supercharge their career in travel writing, photography, blogging or social media – both beginners, and those with experience; both individuals, and businesses. If you want to develop an online following based on your unique travel brand, Basecamp is the event for you!


Q. How do I attend Basecamp?
A. Basecamp is digital online conference, broadcast LIVE. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be super tech-savvy to attend – once you book your ticket, you’ll be sent all the details for accessing the event via email, in one easy link.


Q. Can I watch a recording of Basecamp after the broadcast?
A. Nope. This is a LIVE conference. Join others just like you and learn all together. It’s much more fun that way (and you’ll learn a lot more, too) – we promise!


Q. I’m only interested in one area, not all four. Can I just attend for one session?
You’d be missing out if you did. Why? Because all four sessions, combining the principles of branded content, social, influence and storytelling intertwine to create our special formula. That’s the secret to supercharged success!


Q. Why is this event called Basecamp?
A. Because it’s your ultimate launchpad to travel social media success. From Basecamp, the only way is UP!


Q. Will the event be recorded?
A. As per above – no, it’s a live event only. However, as well as the actual learnings involved, you’ll also receive the exclusive Basecamp Workbook (to guarantee that you don’t miss a thing), as well as the Basecamp Digital Planning Toolkit, which is a 16-page comprehensive guide to planning out all the steps for your future success.


Q. What happens if I have questions after attending Basecamp?
A. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Attend Basecamp and you’ll be granted access to the exclusive closed Travel Bootcamp community, where you can receive support from those in the group who’ve been there, done that. Ask ANY question you like, day or night – there are no limits!