Antelope Canyon, Arizona

It’s time to look at another Insta Icon! This week, we’re talking about Antelope Canyon in Arizona, USA.

This feature is part of our weekly #Instaicons series, where we take a look at the pictures and places that have risen to fame through the ‘gram. Part celebration of photography, part unadulterated #EarthPorn, it’s the ultimate way to break up your week – consider it today’s mental mini-vacay. You’re welcome.

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This week, we’re looking at the tourism boom that’s hit Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

This spot has flown under the radar for the better part of, well, history!


The slot canyon located in Navajo land was discovered by internet culture when Microsoft included it in a series of photos for their 2009 desktop background themes.


From here, hitting hundreds of millions of desktops, and eyeballs, Antelope Canyon was set on its journey to becoming one of the most ‘grammed spots in Arizona.

The stunning red/orange canyon walls make for the perfect backdrop to any Instagram image – so much so that makeup company @glossier took inspo from the Arizona icon in their latest store design. It’s become more important than ever for brick-and-mortar locations to have an Instagrammable aesthetic and presence online. So, you guessed it, Glossier installed their very own ‘Glossier Canyon’ where shoppers can enter and take a quick selfie in the Antelope Canyon style room when visiting their Los Angeles based store.


Really, we can’t blame anyone for wanting to get their own shot of this spot, the narrow walls, filtered beams of light and moody atmosphere produce eye-catching imagery. The quick influx of internet fame has, however, raised questions around how the locals and natural environment can handle the increased tourism numbers. It’s important to consider the impacts on local communities and wilderness when exploring the effect social media can have on tourism.


Instagram image credits: @carleyscamera, @annefrenken, @delightinthedesert, @inviaggiocoltubo, @kjpinc, @sabonyte, @thelovelyescapist, @viajology, @ourkindredtravels, @escape_your_life

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