6 steps to better Instagram Stories

with our resident Insta’ expert, Lauren Bath.

We know that Instagram Stories can be a challenge – putting in effort to create a Story that is eye-catching, engaging, and offers value to your followers can be kind of (note: very) taxing on your time and resources. Storytelling is an art form and Insta’ Stories should be recognised as just that.


We totally get it, you’re super keen to share a one-off pic of your dog dozing on the couch or of your $23 cocktail on your night out, and don’t get us wrong, these shots are awesome – your audience wants to know you. 


But.. if you’re here looking for advice on how to improve your Insta’ Story game, oh boy, has Lauren Bath got a surprise for you. 


Pulled straight from her own repertoire, here are Lauren’s own personally curated tips for creating better Instagram Stories, upping engagement and increasing your following.

1. Relax (but not too much)


Instagram Stories are not intended as permanent content (other than via the highlights feature). These short, multimodal ‘Stories’ hang around for 24 hours. They are a great way of showcasing events and happenings in your day.


The style of this feature means that you can be a little more relaxed with the content. Don’t get us wrong, you still need to plan, style and execute with the same effort as a regular post, but the content you post can be a little different to what you typically share. 


For example, in Lauren’s case, she usually shares photography tips, photographs and motivational points on her grid – but her Stories share a whole lot more of her personal life. These include her career journey, Stories on motherhood and her learnings on affirmations. 


Exhibit A (SO cute, right?)

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

This kind of content allows your followers to get to know and relate to you – but, as you relax with your content you still have to make sure that you are a) telling a story and b) telling it in an aesthetically pleasing and effective way.

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2. Tell a story

They are called Instagram Stories for a reason. 


The progression of the Stories feature, from one slide to another with either a click or lapse of time, is reminiscent of the pages of a book and it should be used that way. A narrative or a point should always drive this content. 


Remember: good Stories will have a beginning, a middle and an end. This encourages your followers to become invested in how the story concludes (which, in turn = increased engagement yay!).

3. Use good design

Instagram is a visual platform, so aesthetics are always going to be a huge factor to consider when pumping out content (especially if you want people to care about what you have to say). 


There are a few tools you can use to up the design value of your Stories. Lauren’s first choice is actually the Instagram app itself. She uses the effects and design tools to create baller Stories straight from the source. 


Lauren also uses third party apps, like Stellar and Canva to add that special touch to her Insta’ Stories. They’re really easy to use and allow for a myriad of design options and templates (you don’t need to be a graphic designer to make stellar content! Get it?).

4. Be interactive 

Social media is all about being social. So, when it comes to Insta’ Stories, we cannot stress enough how important it is that you engage and interact with your audience. 


Luckily for you (and us!) Insta’ has made it really easy to be interactive on Stories. There are literally several features that allow you to directly interact with your audience: polls, quizzes, questions, sliding scales, challenges, countdowns and DM stickers. 


These widgets help your audience feel more involved and encourage interaction and engagement – which is GREAT for your brand. Increased engagement helps to beat the Instagram algorithm so more of your content gets shared more frequently. It’s science (literally). 


Sliding Scale



Use your Questions sticker to ask your audience what they want to see more of on your Stories and your grid. This increases interactivity and has the potential to drive up engagement with your regular content.

5. Use your unique voice

Being authentic is a must on social media. There are plenty of accounts trying to be the archetypal Instagram influencer – the platform just doesn’t need any more of those. 


The best bet is to be uniquely you, because no-one else can be and this helps you to stand out. 


The same goes for the Stories feature. Create original content and let your audience know who you are. In Lauren’s case, a running theme in her Stories is that she calls her husband, Emmanuel, ‘Dreamboat’ and she frequently uses the ‘squiggly’ line. These elements make Lauren’s Stories unique, but also consistent – so her audience know who she is and they forge a connection with her and her Stories. 

Lauren and her signature squiggly line

6. Be consistent. 

On Insta’, the more you post and the more consistent you are (with voice, style and content) the more likely you are to create a lasting connection with your audience. 


Lauren lives by the quote: “80% of life is showing up”, and this translates DIRECTLY to her socials. The only way (other than her obvious skills with a camera) that she has created a mass following on the ‘gram is by consistently showing up and pumping out killer content (Stories included!).


Now it’s up to you! 

Take these top tips and implement them in your Instagram social media strategy. We guarantee that if you stick to it you will see greater engagement on Stories and this will translate directly to the quality of your profile on Instagram.

You’ve got this x.


All 📷’s taken DIRECTLY from Lauren Bath’s Insta’. Check her out here. 


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