5 sure-fire steps to success as a creative

Look no further – this list is all you need.

So, you’ve got some big dreams, hey? Of course you do! You’re a Bootcamper, and Bootcamper’s dream BIG, baby. So, what if there were a set of tips to follow that would turn your dreams into reality and offer almost guaranteed success in all of your creative / professional endeavours? We’ve developed 5 tips for sure-fire success that we live by here at Bootcamp HQ and we are very good sharers. 


Hard skills play an obviously important role in anyone’s success as a creative but, over the years, there’s a few other things that we’ve defined as imperative (or at least very, very useful) to walk that shiny road to success.

1. Define your purpose and get planning

Your purpose is what fuels you. It’s hard to feel that fire-in-your-belly motivation without first knowing your why. Your why might look like: ‘so I can make a difference in ___’ or ‘to prove to myself that I can do anything’ or even ‘so I can live the life of my dreams’. Your why can be big or small, but you definitely need one. Knowing the why in everything you do will keep you extra motivated and on the right track.


If your why is what fuels you, your plan is the roadmap to your goals. Call us old-fashioned but, with experience, we’ve come to learn that putting together a plan keeps you on track, and offers a clear path toward those big ‘ol dreams of yours. Remember, without a plan it’s just a dream. 



2. Develop your mindset and amp up that motivation

Your mindset is what drives you. Having the mindset to believe that success is possible for you and the motivation to actually get up each day and deliver on your goals is game-changing. Get your mindset in check and everything else seems to fall into place.

We say that like it’s an easy task… your mindset is one of the most important aspects of success but it’s certainly not the easiest to master. There’s something about believing in ourselves and our abilities that us humans really seem to struggle with (no, it’s not just you, it’s actually a pretty universal problem). But that’s not to say all hope is lost, developing your mindset is the same as developing your muscles at the gym – work on it, put in the effort and your mindset will be lifting heavy in no time.

A few things you can do at home to help with your mindset is to start the day with a few simple tasks: 

Speak positive affirmations e.g. “I can do this, because I am strong and capable”. 

Write down five things you’re grateful for (gratitude is POWERFUL). 

Practice yoga and meditation. Having a clear mind is the first step to smashing goals. 


3. Learn the necessary skills

Yep, this one is obvious. We all know that in order to be successful at something you need to be, ergh, good at it. Or at least know how to deliver. 


If you want to start a blog, you need to know how to write blog articles, set up a website, and understand basic SEO. If you want to be a photographer, you kind of need to know your way around a camera and probably know a thing or two about photo editing software while you’re at it. And if you want to be a travel writer, you’ve got to understand how to pitch your ideas, how to get those ideas noticed over email and you’ve got to understand how to write (and write well!). 


The cool thing about skills is that most of the time, with persistence, commitment and practice any skill can be mastered. Skills are clearly important but they aren’t the be-all-and-end-all of your success as a creative in this industry. Read-on to find out what else has to accompany these skills…

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4. Pay close attention to your inner circle

Have you heard that popular saying by Jim Rohn ‘you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with’? We love that quote here at team Bootcamp. Good one, Jim.


There’s incredible value in your community. If you’re spending time with people who don’t support you and your big dreams, it’s time to surround yourself with a fresh new network. Think about the 5 people closest to you… do they support you, inspire you and drive you to be better? 


If your support network is a little lacking, you can start finding your people right now. Join Facebook groups filled with creatives in your field (if you’re a Bootcamp or Basecamp event attendee, make sure you’ve joined our exclusive Community Facebook page!) and follow people who inspire you on the ‘gram (Lauren Bath, Georgia Rickard, Kait Rich and Liz Carlson’s accounts are a good place to start). If you actively surround yourself with positive, supportive people your world will open up. 

5. Execute on your dreams like a mofo

Consistency is key. Say this five times over, right now – we’ll wait. The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is their extraordinary determination. 


Show up, deliver and take the daily micro actions necessary for macro results. Consistency is key. 


If you’re ready to turn your big ol’ dreams into reality, join us at the next Travel Bootcamp where we’ll delve into all of the above… plus so much more!

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 📷’s in this post courtesy of Lauren Bath.