5 sure-fire steps to improving your Instagram engagement

from our resident Instagram expert

So, you’ve got your content sorted…


Stellar Photo ✔️

Fire caption ✔️

Relevant #’s ✔️


… and you’re ready to post. Congratulations, we know that it takes a tonne planning and execution to create great content on the ‘gram 👏. But, content creation is only half the battle. The other, half? Engagement. There is no point in creating incredible content if no-one is going to see it, so we’ve caught up with our Insta’ expert Lauren Bath (yes! @laurenepbath!) to give YOU the sure-fire steps to improving your post engagement (and maybe nabbing a few more followers while you’re at it). 

1. Geotag


Ah, the underrated Geotag feature. No, it’s not just there for you to subtly brag about your European holiday adventures (although it’s super good at that too). 

Geotags are phenomenal for improving engagement with your post. You see, when you tag a location, any-time that location is searched your image has a chance at popping up. Now, we aren’t the best at maths, but we think this formula is pretty simple:

Increased visibility (more people seeing your post) + relevant searchers (people who are searching for the location you tagged) = higher chances of engagement. 

A big plus of the Geotag feature is, if you’ve already had pretty good engagement with that particular post, you may even feature on the Top Posts for that location. This has the potential to drive up the engagement of, not only that post, but of you insta’ page altogether. 

TIP: If you’re concerned about using Geotag for security reasons, the best thing to do (and what most ‘grammer’s opt for) is to not post in real-time. Wait until you get back home, write your copy, choose your image and then search for the Geotag location. 

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2. Use 4:5 ratio for your images

4:5 ratio image, 📷 by @Laurenepbath


Square image, 📷 @Laurenepbath

4:5 ratio images (AKA portrait size images) are another key ingredient to increased engagement. 


The reason is pretty simple. The 4:5 images are longer than the typical square Instagram image. This means that they take up the whole screen when users are navigating through the Feed page. This not only gives them more time to focus on your image, but also gives your followers a better chance to double tap the shot, share it with a friend, or leave a comment. 


4:5 images also tend to look more aesthetically pleasing – and that’s always going to be a win for a visual platform like Instagram. 


HOW TO: to make your images show up in the 4:5 ratio, you need to click the ‘expand’ button on the bottom left of the edit page 👇 (look for the one with the two arrows!). 

Square size, before pressing expand.

4:5 ratio, after pressing expand.

3. Tag relevant people


This includes brands too! Obviously, you should be tagging the people *actually* in the image – there’s a pretty good chance that your friend Steph will share that shot on her Instagram  story and drive people straight to your post. Instant engagement booster!

But tagging brands is a great way to reach a WIDER audience, that is potentially relevant to the one you are trying to create. For example, if a photographer is using an Olympus camera, and they snap a killer sunset shot, they may consider (if they’re savvy) tagging Olympus in the post (both in the photo and potentially in the copy too). 

This increases the potential for your image shared to an expansive audience of relevant individuals – and BOOM, if it works, you’ve just got a whole lot more engagement on that post. 

In this shot, @Laurenepbath tagged Olympus and Tourism Tokyo.

4. Engage with other accounts in the first hour of your post going up


Sometimes, being successful on social media requires a lot of work. Where most people would create their content, post it and wait for the wave of likes/comments/DM’s to roll in, the savvy influencer will be scrolling through the gram’ liking, sharing and commenting on other accounts posts. This encourages the said accounts to engage with their most recent post(s). It’s a pretty cute ‘little’ community we have on Instagram, isn’t it? 

In the first hour of posting your content you should be engaging with as many other accounts and posts as possible. Remember, the more engagement you get in the first hour of your post going live will determine whether you get shared on the Explore page or under Top Posts for the hashtags you used – and being featured on these pages will draw even more attention to your post. So, take Lauren’s advice and share the love within the first hour of posting, and watch the love do a full loop right back to you. 

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5. Reply to all comments


This may just seem like common courtesy, but replying to all comments does a lot more for your engagement than just making you seem likable (although, this is good too). 

Responding to comments helps your overall ranking on the engagement scale, and the quicker you respond, the higher you will rank (hello Top Posts!). 

Replying to comments also incentivises your followers to continue to comment and interact with your post, and this, in-turn, encourages more engagement (from both former and new commenters). 

The more comments (and engagement) that your post has, the better your chances of monetising your account. Having a lot of comments below your posts helps to build the quality of your brand; advertisers will see that people care what you have to say, and that you care about saying it. This means that your followers are not just sitting back and watching, they are actively interested in your brand and this makes you a heck-of-a-lot more marketable. 

So, make this your mantra: any comment on my post that I have not replied to is a missed opportunity for increased engagement.

Now it’s up to you… 


There you have it. You are now equipped with Australia’s first professional Instagrammers top tips for improving your engagement. So, make like Lauren Bath and go post your Geotagged 4:5 ratio image, tag the company that made your killer outfit, get liking and commenting on other accounts posts and reply to all comments – you’re sure to see some epic improvement in your engagement. Let us know how you go x.


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