5 steps to a better Instagram Bio

with your Instagram guru, Lauren Bath.

You know what they say, you only get one chance to make a good first impression – and it’s no different on Instagram. 


Your Bio on Insta’ is the first insight that potential followers have into who you are, what you do and why they should follow you. Of course, they can see your grid, your style and your aesthetic, which is all really important as well, but your Bio is just about YOU. Consider it your virtual business card, the kind that will turn people visiting your page into people who follow your page. 


We sat down with Lauren Bath to give you the steps to audit your own Bio, so you can make your first impression a lasting impression.


1. Introduce yourself


First up in the Bio, is the name line. This has nothing to do with your username and is usually where people will pop their personal or business name. It’s literally the line that says: “Hi, I’m ___”. 


Next up is the Bio content. You’ve only got 150 characters, so you better make them count. 


We know it doesn’t seem like a lot to work with, but you should actually want to keep your Bio SUPPPPER short and snappy. Users have come here to check out your profile, not read a novel (they’re not that invested yet!). 


The main content in the Bio should let your audience know what you do, who you are and why they should follow you 👇



✨Your job (photographer, writer, designer etc). 

✨Your authority in this position (where you work, places you publish your work, awards you’ve won). 

✨Your location. 

✨And maybe even what you can offer your audience. 





Take Georgia’s account for example:


By looking at G’s Bio we can tell that she’s an Australian creative, we can tell what she does (content marketer), how she is an authority on biz (7 figures 🤯), that she shares content and business inspiration (what she can offer her audience) and even that her Travel Bootcamp company is dropping another event soon. 


… and she makes it look cute, too. Bonus points if you use emojis in your Bio – people love ’em. 

2. Tag other, relevant accounts, and include your brand hashtag


When you’re writing up the content for you Bio, it is worth looking to see if you can tag any relevant accounts. This can help to establish your authority, link a sister brand or even promote yourself as the founder of another company. 



Lauren does this very well in her Bio with both a tag for @OlympusAu, as an ambassador and as the co-founder of @thetravelnbootcamp. 


Another tag you need to consider in your Bio is a brand #. These help you to establish brand awareness and promote user generated content.

3. Look Profesh


With your brand or biz it is really important to look professional in your Bio – if you look legit, people are more likely to listen to you and to follow you. 


The first thing that people do, when creating a Bio for a business, is drop a link to the website at the base of the Bio (usually with a call to action). 


The second port of call for business is to change your account over to a business or creator account. 


This allows you access to a range of features that are exclusive to people who use the ‘gram for business. These features include having a job description under the name line and the ability to have a contact email or number feature as a button in your Bio. We suggest you use both of these.



4. Consider a Bio Link tool


After a while, and depending on your business, the stagnant website link with a home-page landing might not make the cut for your Bio (especially if you are linking to a different blog post 3 times a week, or are trying to drive sales to a temporary promotion). 


In this case, manually changing the link in your Bio can be a little bit futile and outdated. This is where the Bio Link tools come in handy. They are one link, at the base of your Bio, that opens to a dashboard or list of your most recent posts, promotions and pages. This allows you to have a range of URL’s accessible from your Bio (and it looks super cool too). 


There are many tools to choose from, but we suggest you have a look at Linktree, Linkin and Shorby if you’re considering taking this route. 



5. Use your Stories Highlights to tell a little more about yourself and the content you share


As we said earlier, you only have 1 link and 150 characters to introduce yourself in the Bio – so, why not utilise the Stories Highlight feature (just underneath) to say a little bit more about yourself. 


If you are a travel blogger, you may choose to title the highlights according to different trips you’ve taken – this would show your authority as a well-travelled blogger without them even having to click on the highlight. 


Alternatively, like our co-founder Lauren, you may choose to literally fill the Story Highlights with information about yourself. This is a great way to create a relationship with your audience, and a sure-fire way to grow your following. If you have a great skill with authenticity like Lauren, this is a great way for you to show your strengths in the Bio.




Georgia, on the other hand, uses her Story Highlights to be both vulnerable and hilarious (please go and meet Glamour Georgia), and therefore, she will attract people who are interested in humour and vulnerability. It’s a win. 


There you have it! 

The five steps to a better Insta’ bio! How did your Bio stack up? Are you pretty happy, or are you running off to make some edits?

Regardless, we hope this article helped and let us know how you go. 


(Lots of love) 

The Travel Bootcamp