4 ways to make bank on your blog in 2021

so you can ditch the 9-5.

So, you’ve started a blog. That’s amazing, go you! Starting is always the hardest part. 


Now that you’ve got the website, you’re posting on the regular and starting to see some growth, we hear you asking: So how can I get paid for this? 


And that’s why we’re here. Below we’ll outline the 4 main ways you can make money from your blog 👇 so you can ditch the 9-5 and be free as a bird. 

1. Sales. 

The first port of call, when talking about making moolah from your side-hustle, is to see what you can offer in exchange for $$$. You can sell your customers whatever you think will be valuable to them, usually in the form of a service or product. 


An example of a service you could sell would be copywriting for a client, graphic design or even business consulting. These services would require your website and blog to be centered around the theme of your service. If you were offering your services as a business advisor you (ideally) would have a website full of blogs on business – this positions you as an authority and expert in the field, making it more likely that someone would enlist your services. 


Alternatively, you can sell a product. The best products you can sell online are the ones that will generate a passive income – these could be in the form of an Ebook or even a pre-recorded course, that offer value to your customer with little effort from you (in the long run). 


Whilst these online based products can yield high returns, they are, by no means, the only type of product you can sell online. Other products, of the physical and more traditional kind, can also be a huge sales driver for your biz. For example, a book review website may sell bookmarks or book inspired candles in a shop. These require more work on the part of the business owner,  but often have tremendous success in raking in the big bucks. 

2. Advertising. 

If you’re a regular (web) surfer 🏄‍♂️ you will have seen plenty of websites that funnel money through advertising – and the reason? This is the most basic way people make money from their blogs. 


By using programs like Google AdSense or AdThrive, you can sell off ad blocks in your blog post and on your website to make some dough. This is easy enough, but keep in mind that your audience are definitely going to be deterred if they are seeing a saturation of ads in your posts. This both creates customer distrust and makes for terrible user experience – meaning the reader probably won’t make a return appearance on your blog. 


The return on ads is a small one and can, when used inappropriately, can deter repeat readers, BUT they are easy to use and make money off you online real estate – you just have to weigh up whether it is worth it for your brand. 

3. Affiliate Links 

Affiliate links are a great way of making money on your website, regardless of what industry you are in. 


The nature of affiliate marketing is via a reward system, for example, if you share a link to a product sold on Amazon and a reader uses a link from your blog to purchase said product, you will make a commission on that sale. It’s as simple as that. 


Affiliate links are a great way of adding value to your reader AND making money, particularly if you are sharing links to items that you personally love (which we suggest you do). 


To create affiliate links in your blog, you should look at and sign up for affiliate programs like Amazon Associates or Ebay Partner Network to get started. These are not the highest yielding affiliate programs, but are great for beginners. 


4. Sponsored Posts 

Sponsored posts are like affiliate marketing and advertising on steroids, and the result of a direct connection with a brand. 


This connection usually comes from actively pitching to brands, so there is more work involved – but the monetary yield is often higher. If you are pitching to brands, make sure you know the value of your work (how much you charge per post) and send off a killer pitch with your media kit attached. Make that pitch email so good that they can’t say no.


Sponsored posts can look like reviewing a brand’s products or putting a shout-out to a product/experience embedded in a post. It is super important, however, that you team up with brands that you actively love. Your readers will know if you’re being phony. It’s like a sixth sense.


There you have it!

Four ways you can make bank with your blog, so you can take a few steps in the right direction (AKA towards the life of your dreams). 

Let us know how you go. 

Team Bootcamp.