“My head is full of ideas, and my motivation and excitement is just over the roof to start exploring new career opportunities. I can’t thank you enough for all that you did with this bootcamp, and I’m so excited to start putting my efforts into this new direction in my career with instagram and tourism. The motivation you get out of this is worth everything, and it’s because you three shared knowledge in such a genuine and transparent way. I can’t wait to start!”

– Alejandro Moreno de Carlos, photographer and filmmaker
Alejandro flew in from Spain to attend The Travel Bootcamp.

“I have returned back to Melbourne. I think I have been high since The Travel Bootcamp! I enjoy traveling and taking photos. Now I think I have a direction that I want to follow. Thank you for your encouragement to attend the conference.  I was concerned would I be out of place, but no it was all great and comfortable.  Just because I am 48 and getting closer to 50 does not mean I do not understand. I still have the passion and the work ethic.”

– Name withheld, photographer, Melbourne

“I filled out my feedback form but was totally overwhelmed by the amount of information shared and I don’t think I adequately expressed my feelings, so here are a few follow up comments. I was initially uncertain about booking and I think that stemmed from having done several blogging workshops and an online course. There seems to be an e-course or workshop offered by everyone these days, it is hard to sort out the courses that are worthwhile from the fluff. Even when these workshops are headlined by people who are successful, it is a gamble knowing if they will have the skills to share information on how to do it with others. I was blown away by the amount of information shared, and your generosity. I think you all gave an honest account of the hard work and behind the scenes networking required to be successful. Thanks to everyone involved for a great day. I certainly feel I well and truly received value for money.”

– Julie Jones, blogger and travel writer

“A big thank you and a hearty congratulations for hosting an incredibly useful, informative and, well let’s be honest, mind-blowing bootcamp! It was exactly what I needed to get a handle on the travel landscape and assess the potential growth and directions for my fledgling Insta and blog. I’m sure you’re receiving comments left, right and centre about how your honesty and openness was hugely appreciated and I have no doubt it will continue to serve you well as your bootcamp series roll out!”

– Milton Gan, NSW President of Australian Institute of Professional Photography and award-winning photographer, Sydney

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