Q. Where and when is the Travel Bootcamp?

A. The next Travel Bootcamp will take place on Saturday the 12th of August at the InterContinental, Sydney.

Q. Who should attend the Travel Bootcamp?

A. If you already have a social media reach, established blog or are a published writer, this is the course for you: we’ll show you how to amplify your reach, and start making money through sponsored travel trips, commissioned content and other branded collaborations.

The Travel Bootcamp is designed to include some social media and content strategy but is predominantly a platform to teach established, or up-and-coming influencers and writers, how to start earning money specifically from travelling.

However if you do not have a social media reach, established blog or suite of published articles, that’s ok too. The most important attributes you can bring are a real passion for travel, and a desire to share that passion with others. We’ll teach you the rest.

Q. I’ve heard that travel bloggers, instagrammers and writers actually get paid to travel, and are taken on free trips around the world. Will I learn how to do this, as part of the course?

A. That’s true – the marketing experts behind these destinations, airlines and experiences will pay travel influencers and writers to attend these trips in order to promote their product. An entire industry has been built around paying people to go on trips. And yes, you will learn about how to get on the invitation lists of these. In fact, every single photo you see on this site was taken by one of our speakers on their paid-for travels. Not bad, eh?

Q. What makes the Travel Bootcamp different from any other event on the market?

A. The Travel Bootcamp has been designed to teach you real skills to monetise your travel writing or influencing, with the goal of making travel a career. From networking and pitching, to writing media kits and email etiquette, this is your definitive, no-bullshit guide to getting ahead.

In addition, your hosts and speakers are three full-time working professionals in the fields of blogging, instagramming and travel writing.

Q. Why is the event called a “Bootcamp”?

A. The conference has been called The Travel Bootcamp because it will be delivering a short, intense and rigorous course of training. Over the space of one day you will hear everything you need  to know about monetising your future travels, using three entwined, but slightly different strategies. Walk out the door afterwards, and you’ll be walking into a new career!

Q. I’m only interested in one topic (instagramming, blogging or writing). Can I just attend one section of the day?

A. You could if you really wanted to, but you’d be missing out. Here’s why:

Thanks to the digitisation of traditional media and increasing infiltration of ‘new’ media into our everyday lives, there’s an increasing amount of crossover between the three pursuits.

Travel writers with sizeable instagram followings and/or blog presences are becoming more and more likely to be commissioned to write for newspapers, magazines and online sites than those without. (Simply put, traditional media outlets want access to those followers, in order to amplify their reach.)

Having a well-put-together blog, or instagram account has also become a useful means of illustrating your travel writing talent and knowledge in the travel space – especially if you’re trying to establish yourself as an expert in a niche area.

Travel bloggers almost always find that instagram is an important means of growing their audience. (An instagram account can be a very useful means of creating a second income stream, too.)

Travel bloggers may also find that writing articles for magazines, newspapers and digital sites can be a useful secondary source of income – and there’s nothing more effective for establishing your credibility than saying, “I blog, and I write for [insert big brand names here], too.”

Many travel instagrammers are finding that being able to offer blog posts, as well as instagram posts makes a useful value add to their clients – or an additional means of income.

Some instagrammers and bloggers are now being approached to write and/or shoot for traditional media outlets, and have no idea what to charge.

Essentially, it pays – literally – to have an understanding of all three pursuits.

Q. How many delegates are expected to attend the conference?

A. There are just 150 tickets for sale.

Q. Is my ticket price inclusive of tax?

A. Unfortunately not, 10% GST will be added to ticket prices but the conference ticket is tax deductible.

Q. What else is included in my ticket price?

A. Aside from the full day of instruction and workshops, you’ll receive:

* Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

* Ticket to our evening networking event with industry contacts.

* Optional attendance of our private instameet the following day

Q. What else will it cost me to attend?

A. If you are coming from interstate or overseas you will need to secure accommodation in Sydney. Remember to book early as Sydney accommodation is short on supply and high on demand.

As well as accommodation, you will need to factor in transportation and meals outside of the conference day.

Q. Q. Will I have ongoing contact with the conference hosts after the event ends?

A. At this stage there are no formal mentorships on offer post-program, but Lauren, Liz and Georgia will all be endeavoring to provide ongoing unofficial post-bootcamp support to delegates.

Q. Will you be offering the course in other areas around Australia & New Zealand?

A. Yes we will. Subscribe at the bottom of this page in order to receive updates on our next course locations.

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